Thursday, March 19, 2009


Extracted from today's Meditation for Lent; Posted by Peter Yong. Meditation Text: Mark 15:1-15. Jesus is Judged by Pontius Pilate.

'Jesus gave no further answer.’ During the time when he was accused and judged by Pontius Pilate. Jesus remained silent most part of the inquiry. He spoke when needed but mostly He was silent. In the case of Christ, silence and speech nurtured each other.

Bishop Robert Solomon in his ‘Feast for the Soul’ talked about God being silent because He had something to say. And we can only hear what he has to say if we join Him in His silence. When he speaks he is often heard in a gentle whisper (1 King 19:12). Silence enables us to face God and ourselves and come to terms with reality. Jesus’ moments of silence were deeply penetrating and prophetic. When he was unjustly accused and tried before His crucifixion, he remained silent. His silence showed a deep trust in His heavenly Father.

Read the passage of Jesus being interrogated again. Notice His silence and how penetrating that is. He chose not to speak to defend Himself.

We live in a world of words, articulation, noise and self-advocacy. The more extroverted and self-confident we appear, the more acceptable we are to the world. Yet the way of Christ seemed to counter the ways of the world.

Stand in the court with Jesus and witness the hearing. Listen to their accusations. Look at Jesus. Pay attention to His words and His silence. What do you feel? What are you drawn towards?

Over to you

Is there something in your life during this Lent that you need to bring before the Lord and sit with Him in silence? Pay attention to what happens to you in the silence? Is there something about your life that you feel the Lord seemed silent about? Will you sit with Him in silence and hear afresh the meaning of His loving response?


Lord, may this Lent teach that the sound of silence can penetrate the soul so that I will let you have Your way in me and know that You are with me even in silence.

*************************************************************************************************Further Lent Reading: Jer 7:23-28, Psalm 95:6-11, Luke 11:14-23


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