Saturday, December 19, 2009

49 Characters: 37. Punctuality Vs Tardiness (continue from last week)

Punctuality is demonstrating the worth of people and time by arriving for appointments before they begin.

· Punctuality is respecting the time of others. My five-minute delay means that each one waiting for me loses five minutes of irreplaceable time.

· Organizing our lives and surroundings so that we can be on time.

Personal Evaluation: How punctual are you toward others?

· Do you arrive punctually for mealtimes and other family gatherings?

· Do you arrive early at your place of employment?

· Do you keep appointments that you make with others?

· Do you promptly pay your bills?

· Do you write thank-you letters and notes in a timely fashion?

· Do you punctually return books and other items that you borrow?

· Do you fulfill the promises you have made to others?

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