Thursday, May 6, 2010

"He Has Made Me Possible"

Brothers & sisters in Christ,  

May the peace of God be with you.
My name is Adeline Lim, I am from Miri. I am just a young believer in Christ, I started to join GMC in 2007 and I started to join cell group in 2008. I have never thought that I am able to serve the Lord in this way even to stand here today is an “Impossible” to me. I am always not convinced that I am being good enough to share with others. I am still a person who needs to be transforming into Christ likeness. So in order to live a Christian life, I have decided I should serve the Lord as much as I can.
This was my 3rd trip to Selangau. The first trip was last year August 2009 and the second trip was on November 2009. After the two previous trips to Selangau I still do not have the confidence that God would use me like how he would use others, all my previous teammates are gifted and talented. They could lead smoothly and effectively. I think I have only managed to assist them in a small area only. It was a BIG challenge for me to join the mission trip because I am not fluent in Malay and definitely not understanding any of the Iban language.
The reason why I decided to go back to this mission trip is because I wanted to continue to serve the Lord.  We can only serve him with our heart and yet he doesn’t need anything from us, therefore we should try our best to serve him in the area that we are gifted. During the two previous mission trips I have actually build a strong relationship with the local people at Selangau. They are all very warm hearted and friendly nice people. I wanted to go back and to see the transformation of the people.

There is a “BIG Difference” of this trip compare to the two previous mission trips. It is something that I have never expected. When I promised to join the 3rd mission trip then only I found out that all my previous teammates were not going and I was anxious and extremely worried but I have already promised that I will attend the first meeting. So during the meeting I had brought up a discussion suggested to postpone our trip so that others were able to join us. But my team leader responded that we should go on this date because it was a school holiday and all the children would be around. They assigned me to lead on children ministry. At that moment, my mind was like having “Millions of Impossible” of how could I lead? There’s a language barrier and I am so young in Christ. When I went home, I had the thought that I should not go and I couldn’t sleep the whole night I even thought to call my team leader to cancel my name. But I have been thinking the whole night if I don’t go, I won’t be able to find a replacement in such a short notice. I put my faith in God and my family prayed for me so I decided to go lastly. 

Praise the Lord on the next day my younger brother, Addam decided to join me to the mission trip. On the last week itself, 6 people from Bintulu Immanuel Church decided to join us. There are all very gifted in Children Ministry. They are assigned to teach the children. I myself and Monica will lead on the singing and Artwork. We only practiced for 2 times on the children songs even I was so nervous when leading the singing but GOD DID AMAZING WORK, the Holy Spirit was with us and the prayers were answered. The children enjoyed the singing and responded well. They were very eager to learn. Thank God all my teammates were very supportive and encouraging to each others. We made it!!!
I praise God because He has made me possible. I never thought that God will use me to lead and bless the children. I am very joyful because I can praise the Lord and God has built my confident to serve him.


Thank you!

Sharing by Adeline Lim
Posted & Photos by Peter Yong

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