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The Cambodia Experience

Written by Andy Chew. Tuesday, December 16, 2008. Posted by Peter Yong

Cambodia Mission Trip (Part II)

Last Sunday I shared my testimony during the church service, both the morning and evening sessions. The key point was we as Christians should make mission work as part of our Christian life. There are some members of our church who do just that: going for mission after mission. Praise the Lord for giving them that vision and a humble heart to serve in this manner.

Cambodia opens its door to the world. Along with progress and development came certain negative influences. Christian organisations around the world are working very hard to bring the Gospel to this land. An important strategy would be to help the local Christians to be on their own footing and be self sufficient. To this end both short term and long term mission works are an essential part to realise this vision. I am glad to know that there are already a number of brothers and sisters who have already signed up for the 2009's trip. Amongst them are two of my young colleagues in my department.

It took me 4 years before I signed up for mission work. The Disciple (I) course and the 40DOP campaign helped me to realise the importance of doing mission work. We as children of God need to offer ourselves as vessels for Him to use to bring the Gospel to others. The love of Christ and the grace of God is not for us to keep to ourselves, but to share with others.

I used these two videos during my sharing:-

(1) Cambodia Mission 2008

(2) Cambodia Children

Most of the photos used in the videos are taken by Dr Edward Tiong.

Glory to God.

Part 1 Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cambodia Mission Trip 2008

21 of us from different churches in Miri, Bintulu and Sibu participated in the mission trip to Cambodia this year. The team had the opportunity to do medical treatment/screening, social concern and children ministry at a number of locations, both in the province and Phnom Penh. The team departed for Phnom Penh on 15th November. Rev Jessica Tiong, Brother Steven Yeoh and wife Jennifer greeted us at the airport. We travelled by bus to the Cambodian Methodist Bible School, where we spent a night doing briefing and unpacking (of our luggage) and packing (for the supplies at the province). Early next morning we set out for the Takeo Province, and after two hours we arrived at Trapeng Reang Methodist Church. We stayed at the province for three days, during which time we carried out our medical mission at Trapeng Reang, Angkrosang and Prey Cheul Teal. After that we went back to Phom Penh, where we continued with our work at the Methodist School of Cambodia and the Cambodian Methodist Bible School. We also had time to visit places of interest, like the Faith Engine Vocational Training Centre, Khmer Life Vocational Training Centre, Central Market, Russian Market etc.

Here are some of the photos taken by me and Brother Peter Ting. More photos and stories will come once I have a chance to collect them from other team members.

Group photo taken in front of Trapeng Reang Church. Pastor An Meng Thai and his wife, Pastor Chanti were posted to this church at the beginning of the year.

Sharing of testimony at the church. I had the privilege of having the DS, Rev Prak Vuthy as my translator. Devotion - spending time with God. This is a very important part of the mission. Team photo at Prey Cheul Teal Church. Patients are many, doctors are few ....... Shirley helping with eye assessment.

Working till night fall. Children ministry. Nail cutting.

Colouring contest.
Grace, our youngest team member. She's only 11.
Hair cutting.
After the haircut.
After shampooing and delousing. Doesn't she look different?
The Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.
Children ministry at a local school. Julia, Siew Ping and Candy did a great job.
The young men at the Faith Engine, which provide a 3 months technical/vocational course on car repair.
The Methodist School of Cambodia, where Bro Steven serves as the principal. The school has 540 students now and has become the top school in the country.
The Cambodian Methodist Bible School, one of the two leading bible school in Phnom Penh. This was our "base camp" when we were back in Phnom Penh.
The BB and GB team. From left: Private Egbert Lau, Lt Margaret, Captain Andy, Lt Candy, Captain Siew Ping, Lt Julia and Shirley (she's from 3rd Miri, while the rest are from 4th Miri)
I mingled with some youths who were waiting for a concert. I chatted with the boy on my left (his name is Pol) while his friends looked on. He had not heard about Jesus. I shared the Gospel with him and then prayed for him. May God raise up a generation for His Kingdom.
Many thanks to all the people who made this mission trip a successful one - Rev Jessica, Victoria, YuXia, Betty, Bro Steven and wife Jennifer. Also not forgetting all the local pastors - Pastor Som Sarun, Pastor An Meng Thai and wife Pastor Chanti, DS Rev Prak Vuthy, and Principal of CMBS Rev Svay Youtheroath. Above all, many thanks to our Lord.

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