Thursday, January 15, 2009

We saw a rainbow – the Promise of God

Article extracted from TMC:

Written by lau mee ting s/m by ck
Saturday, 20 December 2008
Last weekend, 58 of us from TMC together with 3 staff from Doulos

went to Rh Ensudin, Betong for a pre-Christmas celebration and baptism ceremony.

Pastors and the group with those who come to be baptised
Baptising: submerging

16 longhouse folks together with 6 brothers and sisters from Betong SIB gathered together for the baptism at the river near Ensudin. We were so blessed to have our Pastor Patick with us on this trip to perform the baptism. During the baptism, Pastor Sim of SIB Betong and two of his visiting friends who are also pastors from Indonesia helped to conduct the immersion baptism in the river. When those who had been baptized stood up at the river bank, they said "rainbow". Someone told us to turn round to see the rainbow. When I turned back, I saw one of the most beautiful, clear and hugerainbow. It stretched from east to west and was beautiful. Immediately someone remarked that God is going to bless these 22 brothers and sisters richly as He revealed Himself through the rainbow. I said ‘Amen' and thanked the Lord in my heart that He had revealed Himself to us in this manner and reminded me of His promises. After the ceremony, while walking back to the longhouse, I looked up and saw the

Look carefully- a rainbow appears
Rainbow at the background-His promise
rainbow again though it was getting smaller and less bright. When all of us reached the longhouse, it started to rain and the rainbow was gone. It could not be just a coincidence that the rainbow appeared during that moment when the brothers and sisters were being baptized.. So I sing this chorus in my heart "How Great is Our God, sing with me how great, how great is our God"

I always believe God is near to those who have simple faith like those folks in the longhouse. The rainbow incident reminds me that God is with us in the longhouse ministry - therefore I urge those who have not joined any longhouse mission trip, do make yourself available next year for a trip, as we have planned 10 trips for year 2009. Surely, God will continue to reveal Himself to us in various way - may we not miss the opportunity. Praise be to God!

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