Saturday, January 17, 2009

Missionary In Cambodia

Extracted from TMC
(Victoria, our past administrator is now a missionary in Cambodia)
Written and emailed by victoria s/m ck
Friday, 16 January 2009

Praying for the needs of the church during
Sunday worship pastor in blue shirt
Last September, I took a mission team to a small church for community work and children ministry. Everyone had a good time of learning and teaching even though there was a language barrier. In one of the health talk, the team was teaching the children how to brush their teeth and I noticed even the grandmas (a few of them) were joining in. One particular grandma was toothless and she was happily brushing her gum and laughing over it as well. She has a very big heart too, though she is living in poverty, she adopted 3 young orphan boys whose parents were killed in an accident. She has poor eye sight due to cataract but she is very fervent for the Lord.

In this church, there is a group of grandpas and grandmas who are very fervant for the Lord and nothing will deter them from coming to church on Sundays. They are all poor church members who have no income. The younger members are mostly farmers or factory workers. This church doesn't even have chairs to sit. I had shared before about their offerings - they gave rice as an offering. This church has witnessed some miraculous healings in the past.

The sick could not afford to go to the hospital or if they did, the doctors gave up on them so the only choice they had, was to turn to God. God answered their prayers in various ways.

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