Sunday, September 6, 2009

49 Characters - Gentleness Vs Harshness

23. Gentleness Vs Harshness

Gentleness is supporting others during their times of weakness so that they can achieve their full potential in the Lord

Personal Evaluation: How gentle are you?

1. Have you developed self-discipline and humility in order to be attentive to the hurts and needs of others?

2. When you give instructions or responses to others, do you take into consideration their weaknesses and limitations?

3. Do you have a shepherd’s mind-set toward those who are looking to you for spiritual leadership or example?

4. Have you translated past pain and suffering in your life into reminders to protect others and prepare them to have a right response to any offenders?

5. Are you irritable and reactionary when people with needs intrude upon your time or energy?

6. Do you speak evil of someone you dislike?

7. Do you look for ways to teach those who are not as spiritually mature as they should be?

8. Do you give a soft answer so that you do not offend or discourage others?

9. Do you see potential in others and purpose to help them grow in the Lord?

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