Sunday, September 13, 2009

49 Characters - Grateful Vs Murmuring

24. Gratefulness Vs Murmuring

Gratefulness is expressing sincere appreciation to God and to others for the ways that they have benefited my life.

Personal Evaluation : How grateful are you?

· Do you begin each morning by thanking God for a new day?

· Do you look for things you usually take for granted and thank God for them?

· Do you thank God for your health and strength?

· Do you quickly express thanks to other people?

· Do you rejoice in trials and tribulations?

· Do you think of creative ways to express gratefulness to God and others?

· Do you look for benefits in the things that normally cause murmuring?

· Do you give public recognition to individuals who have helped you?

· Do you pray for those who have benefited you?

· Do you thank God for your human authorities and pray for them?

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