Sunday, September 27, 2009

49 Characters: Hospital Vs Unfriendliness

26. Hospital Vs Unfriendliness

Hospitality is using what God has given to us to demonstrate His love for others.

Personal Evaluation: How hospitable are you?

· Have you purposed to develop a spirit of hospitality and to use your home to demonstrate it?

· Have you removed from your home clutter that would be a distraction to visitors?

· Have you taught each member of your family to practice proper etiquette whether or not there are visitors in the home?

· Have you learned specific questions to ask in order to develop friendships with your guests?

· When you invite others into your home, is your goal to make them comfortable, or is it to impress them with your home?

· Do you have items in your home that reflect answers to prayer or are testimonies of God’s power?

· During conversation, do you focus on the interests of your guests or on the things you and your family have done?

· Have you prepared family activities, such as quoting a passage of scripture or playing music, that would encourage your guests?

· Do you have a peaceful atmosphere in your home, with appropriate music and a spirit of harmony among family members?

· Do you have anything in your home that would offend a visitor?

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