Wednesday, November 4, 2009

God’s Grace is Sufficient

From Local Missionary at Pa Adang, Lawas, Sister Kong Moi Fah(26th February, 2009)Original article in Mandarin translated by Rev. Law Hui Seng).

Posted by Peter Yong

“Thanks be to God, His grace is sufficient for me,” This is God’s promise to me. This is my third year in Pa Adang. Three years is not a long time and it is also not a short time. No matter what, they have gone. God does not forsake me. He leads me to experience Him every day.

As I recall the past, when I recount every moment of my life, I have countless thanks to give to God. God allows me to learn lots of lessons. Though in these few years, I experience lots of pain and tears, God allows me to grow, to draw close to Him, experience His love, and grace. I learn to understand His will. I know that God puts me in Pa Adang for He desires me to learn many lessons. He wants to train, mould me to become a child pleasing to him, so that I can willingly, without complain, give myself to God to walk this path of ministry.

At the moment, in Pa Adang, our ministry starts to enter into establish mode. The Pa Adang Penans have started to learn about wet padi planting, rearing fish, learning to plant vegetable, etc. Thank God for He allows me to see portion of the Penan people starting to settle down.

2009 is a year of breakthrough for the Penan people in Pa Adang. Finally, they are ready to send their children to the government school. This is the greatest encouragement to us as teachers. Thank God that finally, we have the first batch of Penans. We hope that more Penan parents can see it, open up and allow their children to go to government school to receive education.

Actually, the Penan children need a period of time to adjust themselves to the new school environment. They never learn to live with other races; they also never come out of their original environment.

Finally, I hope GMC can pray for the Penan students who are studying in the school now. Pray that God will grant them extra measure of wisdom. May God bless them with very good ability to adjust and learn new things. All glory be to God, Amen!

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