Monday, November 16, 2009

To Share What We Have

Sharing by Jocelyn. Article provided by Wendy Tiong.
Posted by Peter Yong

I went to this mission trip because I had wanted to do so last year but had missed the opportunity.

So this year when this came up and it was during the one week school holiday, I brought my children with me as well. I had not stayed at a longhouse before, and did not know what to expect. Nevertheless, I felt peace in going. I had to drive with a backup driver. The longhouse folks were very friendly and we quickly settled down with our unloading. We had to bath in rain water collected in a tub since there is no piped water. It was so refreshingly cold after a long journey.

I watched those who had been to this longhouse before with their sense of familiarity and ease. Though language is a problem for me, because I neither speak BM nor Iban, this was no obstacle to helping with the team in what they are doing. To be able to leave my comfort zone and go for this trip was a blessing for me since I felt that I do not even have the urge to complain when I see the earnestness of the longhouse folks in hearing what we have to share.

It was also a real joy to be able to witness some 35 people, from infants to adults , being baptized in the Selangau church on Sunday by the pastor there. To be able to share what we have in terms of food, bibles, quiet time, songs of praise, guitars, fun time and just by our being there, serving in whatever ways we can, can bring the gospel message alive and more acceptable.

I would urge those who have not gone to sign up for the next one.

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